About the PBSC

What does the Professional & Business Services Council do?

The purpose of the Council is to act as the main independent forum for the Professional & Business Services (PBS) sector and the UK Government and to promote the long-term success of the sector in the UK and globally and accordingly, continue to enhance the sector’s symbiotic relationship and contribution to the UK economy

The aim of the Council is to foster an environment in which the PBS sector is able to thrive, domestically and globally – increasing PBS exports, investment and employment. In doing so, the Council will engage with the UK government on the key issues and opportunities facing the sector, supporting the success of the sector’s SMEs and provide insight into future directions.

The primary objectives of the Council are to:

  1. Inform and challenge the UK government on key issues facing the PBS sector and those aspects of the wider economy where PBS expertise has particular relevance;
  2. Create visibility for PBS firms and organisations of government policy and intended direction;
  3. Identify clear priorities to contribute to wider UK Government policy areas and initiatives.


A non-exhaustive list of supporting principles for the PBSC includes:

  • Independence – honest and unfiltered advice and challenge to UK Government in order to support Government policy-making
  • Mobility – attracting and retaining the best of UK and global talent
  • Competitive – retaining and promoting PBS interests globally and domestically
  • Innovation and Investment – promoting innovation and investment across the sector
  • Collaboration – with government and within the sector, unity of effort towards common objectives to prevent working at cross purposes
  • Social, economic and environmental responsibility – integrating this focus throughout business modus operandi
  • Concentration of effort – focusing PBS collective strengths on decisive initiatives
  • Diversity & Inclusion – in representation by regional, size and ethnicity.

Professional Business Services - At A Glance

The UK’s Professional Business Services (PBS) sector is one of the largest and most successful sectors in the UK.

Growth sector and enabler for all industries

Value (GVA) UK PBS sector in 2021
£238bn value added
11% of UK GVA
+13.4% on 2020
Jobs PBS economy in 2020
4.9m jobs
14% of UK jobs
+3.8% on 2020
Trade & investment PBS trade in 2020
£117bn exports in 2020
£42bn trade surplus
£231bn average inward FDI 2018-2020

Regional Professional and Business Services GVA breakdown - 2019

  1. Scotland GVA: £13.8bn (6%)
  2. Northern Ireland GVA: £2.7bn (1%)
  3. North East GVA: £4.1bn (2%)
  4. North West GVA: £20bn (9%)
  5. Yorkshire & The Humber GVA: £11.8bn (5%)
  6. Wales GVA: £4.2bn (2%)
  7. West Midlands GVA: £13bn (6%)
  8. East Midlands GVA: £10.7bn (5%)
  9. South West GVA: £14.9bn (7%)
  10. South East GVA: £33.5bn (15%)
  11. London GVA: £80.5bn (35%)
  12. East of England GVA: £18.6bn (8%)

Sources: UK GDP (O) Low Level Aggregates, ONS, 2021; ONS Workforce Jobs, 2021; ONS Pink Book, 2020; BPE 2020; ONS Business Investment in the UK, 2020